Dude, Let’s Eat!


I love food. I love photography. I love getting to eat at new restaurants, and cooking a great rib-eye steak at home. I love what happens after you eat a good meal.

A good breakfast sets me up to be productive today. I good lunch refreshes me for the second half of the day, energizing the afternoon and inspiring creative thinking. A good dinner is the reason to sit down with friends, or unwind after a fruitful day. Over a meal we find ourselves, connect with our friends, create business ideas and define our future. We reinforce friendships and develop new ones.

We eat to live, and meals give us a reason to sit down and refresh.

Converging my passion for photography and food this site came to exist. For you, my reader, I hope it brings you a moment of happiness, inspiration to create a great meal of your own, or give you a perfect backdrop to get together with friends and family.

Please enjoy, reach out, and stay in touch here and on my social channels. I welcome your feedback, thank you for visiting my site, and I wish you a great day!


-Robert Dudeletseat