Kelsey’s at Pechanga Casino

If you live in SoCal and you want to get away for a weekend trip I you can check out some of the outlying cities and counties. Pechanga Casino invited me out to check out their new restaurant called Kelsey's...

Tasti D-Lite

I loved the time I lived in NYC. The people are snappy. The air in Fall is crisp. The tall buildings house some of the best industry from media to banking to creative arts.  What an amazing city, and the food i...

Via Veneto

The art and entertainment of dining can be experienced in many ways. Eating in different countries gives you a feel for the culture, the politics and the way in which people live. In the US there are excepti...

Smoke City Market

I had a great time living in Sherman Oaks. It was at a time when I had just moved back from Manhattan, and part of the reason I moved there was to ensure I have good variety of eats to choose from. This was whe...

Chronic Tacos

Southern California is the land of amazing Mexican food. We know this. Lately I've been on a Mexican food binge. It's a way of getting some international flavor without leaving my hometown.

Stickhouse Gelato

What I love about Santa Monica is how cosmopolitan it is. To see people from across the world you'll walk The Promenade or down by Ocean Avenue and see so much.  There is food from all over the world, and peopl...


Everyone has a place that can do no wrong.  No amount of half way decent service can make you dislike your Soft Spot place even a little.  For me, my favorite place to grab a custom, hot, fresh and highly customized burger is Fuddruckers.

Overland Cafe

You know that thing where you wake up every morning, and you're hungry?  Sometimes you have oatmeal, or some hard boiled eggs.  Sometimes you have cereal and you're like...cool...serial.  I get it. Breakfast...

Del Frisco’s Grille

Look no further, because you want to go to Del Frisco's Grille in Santa Monica.  Picture this.  You're sitting on the outside deck, watching the beautiful Santa Monica beach sunset.  Crowds cross the street en masse and you get the usual flow of pedestrian traffic: vacationers from the East Coast, who wear different styles from the vacationers from Europe, the locals out for a night of dinner and the beach bums coming back from a day at the beach.

Pink Taco

Los Angeles is the home of great American Mexican food.  It stems from a people, a culture, a climate, a way of life and a way that people get together. Chips, salsa and guacamole are especially good for hangin...

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