Baby Blues BBQ
Food Taste8.7
Food Quality8.5
Customer Service9
The Good
  • Those Ribs Though
  • Sauces Galore
  • Mac N Cheese
The Bad
  • Peak Wait Times
  • Parking
  • It's Comfort Food
8.3Overall Score
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The West Side has some of the best food choices in LA.  Don’t get me wrong, though.  There’s some great eating in The Valley, OC and other parts of LA.  There are lots of options, and generally the West Side has a little bit for everyone.

When I think about BBQ, though, a quick search on Yelp tells me a few things.  First, ribs can be of Souther variety, or they can be of the Korean style.  Secondly, there aren’t that many places that specialize in BBQ.  Sure, a lot of places serve ribs, but you can tell the difference between a generalist and a specialist.  If you know of any good places that serve BBQ that aren’t specifically BBQ joints please share in the comments!

When I was a teenager I worked at Universal Studios, at the Jurassic Cove Cafe.  We served ribs, and they were good. They presented a higher end option amid the slew of burgers and fries that we offered.

At 17, what did I know about good ribs.  They served a purpose.  Having grown up with more mature tastes I can tell you definitively that frozen ribs are just not as good as fresh ones.  If you’re on the West Side, and you fancy a drive down to Venice – which could be a journey depending where you’re coming from and the time of day you’re hungry – check out Baby Blue’s BBQ.

IMG_1106The sign of most good meals – except for high end ones – is the sauce.  BBQ joints are great at providing ample amount of sauce coverage, and Baby Blues BBQ gets it right.  Their sauces range from spicy to sweet and tangy.

The meals are hefty. I can’t decide whether the baby back ribs or the Memphis Style ribs are my favorite, so I get both.  Luckily, I have a girlfriend who loves ribs (and, like me, is frugal – ish), and when we go we split a full rack of ribs.  A plate comes with two sides, so we order an extra.  Most recently we ordered the mac n’ cheese, coleslaw and mashed potatoes.  I love their corn bread because it goes exceptionally well with their vinegar sauce.

Sauces Galore

Sauces Galore

I love my BBQ messy, and I like to have a variety of sauces easily available.  Like an artist and his palette I get an extra plate, dab it with all the sauces, and it makes for a nice selection of dipping.


Finally, they have a nice selection of beers.  I’ve been on a Belgian beer kick lately, and they didn’t have any in stock.  They do have monthly special beers, and I got the Golden Road Hefeweizen served in an awesome Pabst glass.



Like most great places, be aware of long wait times at peak dining periods.  It can also be a hike to Venice.  Finally, the meal we got – full rack of ribs, an extra side dish and a beer cost $43 before tip.

Grab A Bite
Address: 444 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291
Phone: (310) 396-7675
Hours: M – F 11:30am – 10pm
Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Website

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