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Homemade, authentic, American comfort food: I feel good just saying those words! I took a bite out of Santa Monica and went to Bread and Porridge, an institution that has been in business since 1994. Like the owner, Mark Rothschild, many of his Team Members – the cooks, busboys, servers, etc – have been with Bread and Porridge since the beginning. That says a lot about the man behind the business, the service, and the passion by which they make the food that feeds your soul.

This place the scene of our very first live shoot to initiate the Dudeletseat YouTube Channel. Our video strategy is simple: show great food, how it’s made, who makes it, and why the food is important. We are in the business of telling stories with food as the centerpiece.

I’ve been to Bread and Porridge, and it was great to be back and get the special VIP treatment.

My crew was Anthony Echegoyen and Benjie, to professionals in the reality TV editing business. If you’ve watched reality TV you’ve seen their work. If you’ve watched shows on Fox TV you’ve seen Anthony’s editing work.




The food was great. We shared the Super Florentine Omelet, the Breakfast Combo and Omelet Fresco!

Bread and Porridge 13


I had the Omelet Fresco, and it as delicious, made with chopped Roma tomatoes, cheddar, onion and awesome red roasted potatoes. It’s a hefty dish, but in like three bites I was half way done. It was such a tasty breakfast.



Bread and Porridge 6


From reports Benjie ate the Super Florentine Omelet and loved it. He specifically told me the creamy cheddar and onions made the dish.


Bread and Porridge 2


Anthony had the eggs and pancakes. And then I ate half the pancakes. Mixed with the syrup the pancakes were light, fluffy and super good. I ate like one and a half dishes. Look how amazing that bacon looks! Yes!


Bread and Porridge 9


To see the final video check back to my YouTube channel. I’ll update below when the video is live.

For a great breakfast to go Bread and Porridge. You may see some big celebs and prominent politicians dining right next to you!



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  • Address: 2315 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90403
  • Phone: (310) 453-4941

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