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Southern California is the land of amazing Mexican food. We know this. Lately I’ve been on a Mexican food binge. It’s a way of getting some international flavor without leaving my hometown.

This afternoon my friend Anthony and I went to Chronic Tacos! If you live in the the Santa Clarita Valley, or in the OC, you’ll know their locations. Living in the heart of LA I haven’t had a chance to eat there, so today we found out what all the fuss is about.

It’s a great setup!

The people working there are super friendly and the food is fantastic.  Unlike Chipotle, where they focus on bowls and three different meats Chronic Tacos serves fantastic fish, shrimp and spiced meats including carne asada, pollo asado, carnitas and al pastor.  The options are pretty darn extensive. I found out that their meats are marinated for 24 hours in a secret marinade.

We had a smorgasborg of tacos and including the battered shrimp, fresh fish and all the meats listed above. Within a few minutes of ordering your food comes out and it’s time to grub.

The chips are crisply and salty; a fantastic combo. The green salsa is medium strength heat, and my personal favorite, though the pico de gallo and the red hot salsa are also very good!

The meal was rounded off with a nice quesadilla with nothing but the tasty essentials: carne asada and cheese! Just right.

For dessert we tried the churro bites! Yum! Just the right bit of sweet and hot crunchy texture to round out an awesome Mexican meal.

Churro Bites!

After eating I could focus on the digs. Art on the wall is custom made for Chronic Tacos, featuring Day of The Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos imagery, but in very family friendly versions. So, you’ll see a seniorita in a dance, a traditionally dressed Mexican guitar player and the painting of a colorfully decorated cow skull shown in sweltering dessert heat. The imagery, along with the massive Taco Life positioned above the kitchen lets you know this is the real deal!

We had a chance to sit down with the Franchisee, Jim. He does a lot of great work in his community, from hosting after-school fundraisers, to catering in-school events and even ensuring that local charitable organizations are taken care of.

I love to see a business that gives to the community, and Jim exemplifies that involved business owner who ensures his community wins.

If you’ve been to this location you’ll know it has a ton of space. It’s great for families to come by and enjoy lunch or dinner.

Check it out.  They are all over Santa Clarity, Saugus and the OC.

Bieno hecho

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  • Address: 28301 Newhall Ranch Rd
  • Phone: (661)294-9415

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