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So let’s say it’s a Saturday night and your plans just cancelled on you.  Your girlfriend is dressed up.  She put on that nice perfume.  You’re dressed up in your finest shorts, French collared shirt and Vans slippers, and you want to have a great dinner with a beautiful view by the beach.

Look no further, because you want to go to Del Frisco’s Grille in Santa Monica.  Picture this.  You’re sitting on the outside deck, watching the beautiful Santa Monica beach sunset.  Crowds cross the street en masse and you get the usual flow of pedestrian traffic: vacationers from the East Coast, who wear different styles from the vacationers from Europe, the locals out for a night of dinner and the beach bums coming back from a day at the beach.


The menu is superb.  It has a little bit for everyone, from salads, to sandwiches to entrees.  Everything is big, so come here hungry.  The cocktails are fantastic, with blend of hard alcohol and artisanal mixes that are perfect for a warm SoCal evening.

We arrived on Saturday around 5:30pm, and the outside deck was open.  Within an hour it was full, so note the timing.  The staff is always super friendly, very helpful, and generally nicely easy going and on top of their service.

Lately I’ve been enjoying their friend chicken sandwich. I’m not too much a fan of fried chicken meals, but this is great.  The combination of the bread, smear and the hefty breaded chicken tastes like an exponentially more amazing version of the McDonald’s fried chicken sandwich.

Fried Chicken!

The menu offers this meal with fries, but I felt like switching it up with these super tasty green beans. Unconventional, but sometimes, you just can’t eat French fries.

We started our most recent meal with a white wine Sangria.  I’ll take you on an aside.  In 2013 my girlfriend and I traveled to Uruguay in a trip that took us first to Buenos Aires.  In the beach town of Punta del Este, where we stayed for our time in Uruguay, our favorite restaurant served white wine Sangria, which is called Clerico.  Look it up.  It was amazing there and on a warm Fall day by the beach in Los Angeles Clerico, or white wine Sangria is the perfect light cocktail to sip on, or if you’re thirsty, let it quench your thirst because it is amazing!


For appetizer we had the ahi tuna tacos.  Crispy shell, guacamole, some nice sauce and a high end grade of fresh fish.  Delightful.

The GF got the sesame crusted ahi tuna salad.  Interestingly the dish came noodles.  It was light.  I had a bite and it was a great taste, even with a hint of ponzu sauce.



By the time the sun had set the tables were packed, the restaurant was full, and so were we.  Out came the super friendly manager, newly transfered from Arizona.  Great guy, in fact better than me, because at the end of our conversation he recalled my name and the GF’s.  I, however, need to learn his tricks, because I don’t remember his.

It was a nice surprise that he brought out their newest dessert – the Butterscotch Pudding Jar.  This is a great tasting layered dessert topped with butterscotch, caramel drizzled whipped cream and hefty pudding.  It did the job quite nicely! If you love caramel and butterscotch this is your go-to dessert!



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  • Address: 1551 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Phone: (310) 395-7333

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