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Mexican food is in abundance in Los Angeles. The food culture out here is great in part due to the diversity of food cultures, and the quality at which food can be found. It’s one thing to have Mexican food, and a whole other to have super tasty and delicious Mexican food.

At the Sherman Oaks Galleria you have the Arclight Cinemas, Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs and Buffalo Wild Wings.

My favorite place to eat in that galleria is El Torito. This gourmet Mexican food with great service, strong drinks and a really fun outdoor seating area.

It’s a great place to meet and hang out, do some people watching, have a few drinks and eat some super delicious food. My friend Anthony and I met to discuss the creation of two video shows for YouTube. Over three hours we ate, drank and caught up. I’m so lucky to have a life-long friend in Anthony, and to have access to expertise in video editing.

This is our meal during our get together. I started with a Cadillac Margarita – 1800 Reposado, triple sec and sweet & sour, served on-the-rocks with a side shot of Cointreau Noir. Delicious! Anthony had a Johnny Walker Black and Coke. Both were strong!


El Torito3


We started with steak nachos. I was expecting a messy bowl of chips beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and steak. What we got, instead, was a really nicely prepared dish with lots of steak, few chips and a super tasty assortment of salsa, guac and sourcream. These aren’t your typical Mexican nachos. They tasted fresh, crunch and really savory.



El Torito1


For our main course we ordered two big plates – carne asada for me and Mexican savory ribs for Anthony. While we waited we got fresh from the kitchen flour tortillas. These were so warm and fresh, and totally hit the spot with salsa, and even sweet butter. Imagine sweet butter on a hot flour tortilla. Amazing.


El Torito4


Once my meal came I was ready to dig in! The carne asada came with chile de arbol, nopalitos salsa and a really great cheese enchilada. Rounding out the dish was a side of beans! It was a lot of food, filling and it totally hit the right note. The dish was not too spicy. It had a fair amount of lime flavor. It wasn’t too salty. It was just right! The dish came with a dollop of sweet corn which is a nice dessert!


El Torito6


Anthony’s dish was awesome. Ribs, fries and con on the cob! I had a few of the fries and loved the taste!

El Torito8



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  • Address: 15301 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 91423
  • Phone: (818) 907-7172

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