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Everyone has a place that can do no wrong.  No amount of half way decent service can make you dislike your Soft Spot place even a little.  For me, my favorite place to grab a custom, hot, fresh and highly customized burger is Fuddruckers.  I know.  After In N Out and Islands and even Hamburger Habit are all considered I have to give my number one spot for best hamburger to Fuddruckers in Burbank.

I grew up in Glendale and spent a lot of time in Burbank.  For many years I would relish knowing that as a young boy I’d get to hang out with my grandma on the weekends, and that we’d walk to Fuddruckers for one of their amazing hamburgers.  As I got older I still enjoyed spending time with my grandma and grabbing a bite there.  But, then came the addition of after school get togethers, or meeting up with friends on the weekend there.

As a young teenager I liked the vibe.  It was, and still is spunky.  It has attitude and a nostalgia for the 50’s. The lines are usually short. As I get older I like to see a place where young people can have a first job handling the cash register, cooking or managing the store.  There’s adult supervision for sure, but it’s great to see young kids doing what they do best: chatting with themselves behind the counter, or joking around.  That mood takes me back to a good time in my life, even though I never worked there.

Now, to the food: burgers and fries are the key.  You can get the burgers in 1/3, 1/2 or 1 lb.  I stick to 1/3, and get the works: mushrooms, bacon and cheese. It’s a great meal with fries and a drink.  Like most quick service places they have a variety of fountain drinks, including Cherry Coke.

I think the best part is getting to customize your burger.  My favorite way is this: start with the pico de gallo, add some jalapenos, layer a bit of lettuce.  Go to the condiments section and get mayo, ketchup and jalapeno cheese.  Yes! Get some mayo to dip your fries, along with ketchup and jalapeno cheese.  Finally, and this is the kicker, ask them for Pace Picante Salsa.  When I was a teenager they had a trough of this stuff out free for all.  Now, you have to ask, and if the kid behind the counter tries to pawn off some pico de gallo on you, or claims they don’t have it, insist that they go to the back and check.  They’ll bring some out. Add some jalapeños to the Pace Picante Salsa for good measure. If you want a salad with your meal simply use the empty part of your tray to layer on some lettuce and the toppings of your choice.  Use the salsa, mayo, mustard, or whatever combination of sauces that you like to make a free accompanying salad!

Then, enjoy! Slowly indulge in a rotation of burger bite, then a fry dipped in mayo, then another dipped in salsa, then a sip of your Cherry Coke.  Repeat.  Yummy! For added points, convince your friend to give you half of their hamburger bun.  See, I used to go with my mom and grandma, and being light eaters they would usually not eat the bun. It makes a great bread to dip into the salsa.  Oh my, that bun.

When you’re done grab a shake, a cookie or a brownie ala mode.

Waddle home.

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  • Address: 221 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502
  • Phone: (818) 848-4856

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