Home Cooking: The Great Filet
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There are few things that are both inexpensive and luxurious. A day at the spa costs hundreds of dollars, especially if you’re going to Burke Williams. Great shoes, beautiful diamonds, a boat ride and the vintage single batch bottle of wine are all and even a day at the spa are expensive. These are all luxurious symbols of wealth, status and accomplishment.

You can add a delicious great steak to the list.

At Ruth’s Chris, Boa, Mastro’s or STK you’re looking at $50+ for the steak. Add in a potato, mac n’ cheese, and some wine you’re looking at a couple hundred dollars for a great meal. I’ve been to all these places and loved all my meals there.

None of these compare to the price point and ultimate satisfaction to creating a super delicious meal at home for a total of $15.

The cost of a Prime filet mignon at the market is $10-15 for half a pound. If you go a step down to a Choice cut you’re looking at $7-12.

I eat mostly Choice because I can’t find Prime filet that tastes any better. Sometimes I’ll get a New York Prime steak, but my choice is usually Filet!

The prep is simple and takes about 15 minutes to eat.


Step 1 – Prepare
Douse the filet with olive oil and add your favorite spices. For me it’s Garlic + Pepper, Lemon + Pepper and Seasoning Salt. Try rubs, marinades and even some paprika! Don’t forget garlic! Even if you have a meeting tomorrow.

While this is happening heat the pan on Medium.

Cut some onions.

Prepare a potato by washing it, cleaning it and poking it three times with a fork.

Step 2 –
Get the steak in that pan for about 8-10 minutes! Spend about 3-4 minutes on each side.

About half way through add the onion. Make sure they don’t burn.

Wrap that potato in some paper and throw it into the microwave for six minutes.


Step 3 –
Get your condiment game on. You’ll need sour cream, butter and salt. Place them on the table ready to eat.

Grab your favorite beverage. Sometimes Gatorade does the trick. I love coconut water since it re-builds electrolytes after my runs.

Step 4 –
Swiftly grab the steak, flop it into your plate. Grab your hot potato and pop it right there next to your steak. Get those onions and get them into your plate.



Step 5 –
Love your meal. Look at that perfect steak. Smell that that beauty. Let the caramelized onions waft into your nose! Cut open that hot potato and slather up the butter and sour cream. Add cheddar for good measure.

Take a bite! Then another. Watch some TV, or enjoy with good company. Maybe take a picture and send it to me. If you do I’ll post it.


Step 6 –
Take the $100 you saved and go buy something nice for your lover, your husband, your wife or someone you don’t know.

Love this everyone!

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