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Dudeletseat is a fun hobby. It gets me into eating at all kinds of fun places. In fact, when I started my career in advertising I had the opportunity to eat twice at Spago – on the company dime – in the first two months of working. This was great. Straight out of college and already fine dining at LA’s best places!

Many years later I see that foodie-ness is in my blood, so I was thrilled to be invited to the #daretofair #lacountyfair Media Day.

A few of us foodies had a chance to try out the best the LA County Fair has to offer.

Here are my favorites:

#1 – Deep Fried Hot Sauce

This is Frank’s Red Hot Sauce deep fried. You’d expect the taste to be overwhelming after you stop and wonder how someone can make deep fried hot sauce. I have no idea, and I’ll give in to the magic and mystery. It was great: tasty, not too hot and I easily could have had a few! Delish.




#2 Chile Relleno Cheese Burger

It’s a mouthful before your mouthful. The burger is big and the taste is subtle. The chile relleno is smooth, and the combination with the burger on the pretzel bun is fantastic. I had a bite, and sitting here now wish I could have the whole darn thing. Yum!




#3 Bacon Wrapped Guacamole

It’s a ball of guacamole wrapped in bacon and it tastes great! Seriously. Guac me!

#4 French Toast Bacon Bombs

This is all the goodness in the world wrapped in a bite! It’s cream cheese wrapped in biscuit dough wrapped in bacon, all deep fried, topped with maple syrup and whipped cream. OMG!

#5 Honorable Mention – Deep Fried Butter

See, the thing is, I started a diet two days before the media day and I did not actually eat the deep fried butter. But seriously, that sounds pretty good right?

There was a lot of good stuff including deep fried pizza, traditional Fair fare funnel cake, chicken and waffles and The Luther – Krispy Kreme burger for the win!


So, go for the rides, stay for the food and have a great time at the LA County Fair in Pomona through the end of September!

(And btw, I received compensation by Los Angeles County Fair in exchange for content development / my time. All opinions expressed in this post are my own – duh – it’s my blog! Holla).

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