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Have you eaten super duper delicious food lately? There are lots of great brunch places in Los Angeles. I know, because I have a girlfriend. I’ve grown to love brunch because bae loves it. We get up at a leisurely hour, plan to have a really hearty meal, and enjoy our Sunday morning.

You know that LA has a diverse set of districts. While not as compact as NYC, there is still lots of great unique areas in LA. Bae and I ventured to Silver Lake. It’s a cute neighborhood filled with middle class homes, fun restaurants, good dessert and a nice bar scene.

Before I dined at Lamill I saw a few friends eat there, and I saw their food pictures. I was sold!

Lamill boasts a upscale indoor seating area that looks more like a European cafe than an American eatery. They have ample outside seating which is great to enjoy the SoCal weather.

The food is the star here alongside the coffee. If you’re a coffee snob you can get coffee that is on par, or better, than some of the best places in LA.

Bae and I shared two dishes, the breakfast sandwich and the chicken and waffles. I had a super tasty cappuccino and she drank a refreshing Coke.


Lamil 1


The breakfast sandwich is served on a tender brioche bun and is filled with hook’s cheddar, scrambled eggs and avocado. The chicken and waffles were superb! The dish is prepared with scallion infused waffles and a sauce that is both sweet and tangy. It’s not spicy, but it gets the hint of the flavor that you’d want if you are looking for that kick. Soak up the waffles in dipping honey, and you’re all set.


Lamil 4


Lamil 6


If you’re not in the mood for a full breakfast take a peak at their bakery delights: muffins, croissants and scones, including this delicious red velvet muffin looks more like dessert! They have cheddar infused scones which I didn’t try, but look amazing!


Lamil 13


Lamil 10


Enjoy the beautiful weather, spend some leisurely time on the patio and enjoy a casual brunch in laid back Silverlake!



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  • Address: 1636 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90026
  • Phone: (323) 663-4441

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