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There was a time in my life when I didn’t eat meat. It was a choice born out of the desire to live healthier, cut away really rich food, and maybe find alternative and interesting meals.

That time has passed, and today I’m a meat eater. You’ve seen the steaks.

I was invited to try Lamill Coffee’s new Pop-up Dinner Series from Chef Bill Corbett. This is Chef Corbett’s first restaurant in Southern California, and he has done amazing work with the team at Coi, a two Michelin Star restaurant, and among other high end experience has served as the executive pastry chef for Michael Mina. The series happens every Thursday and Friday this summer, and focuses on vegetarian dishes. These are four course tastings, one of which is a lovely dessert, with some really great wine pairings.

The setting is lovely. Lamill has a great outdoor dining area right on the street European style. The inside is decorated in a cool way too, with lots of mirror space and decorative wall designs.

This is a great place to read, have a coffee, and relax any time of day.

The meal was light. As a generally hungry person this is not a heavy meal, which is great. I generally go out to eat and feel the weight of the dish as I’m walking out. I didn’t have that weighty feeling leaving Lamill, which is a great change of pace.

We started with a crisp Lambrusco with Orange Cream Soda. This drink pops. It’s sweet, has some carbonation, and it takes the edge off!


Lamill Pop Up Dinner Series1


The first dish was a beautifully prepared artichoke confit on lavash, with black garlic, lavash and sheep’s milk cheese. It tasted like a super gourmet appetizer that you can’t have enough of. The artichoke was tender and just so tasty. The wine pairing was Russian River Trousseau Gris, an aromatic California white wine.


Lamill Pop Up Dinner Series4


Lamill Pop Up Dinner Series15


The second dish was celery root, sorrel puree and crumb of cocoa nib. This was unlike anything I’ve eaten. The celery root was soft and almost looks like a scallop. The frothy sorell puree was so delicious!


Lamill Pop Up Dinner Series6


The third dish was a falafel plate with charred scallion tzatziki, hummus and carrots in sumac. This was great. I loved the tzatziki because it tasted really freshly made and it was such a bright note on the plate. I love sauces and this was executed really well. The plate was delicious.


Lamill Pop Up Dinner Series9


Finally, for dessert we had the most amazing dessert; basil ice cream, roasted strawberries, whipped ricotta and olive oil cake. I wish there was a place I could go and know I could always get this dessert. The basil ice cream works so well, especially when you pair the strawberries and the cake! You can easily see Chef Corbett is rocking the dessert! The whipped ricotta adds a little savory taste to the dish.


Lamill Pop Up Dinner Series16



The dessert was the highlight of the meal for me, because it was a substantial dish and it totally was a taste you don’t usually get for dessert.


Great meal, and we were not stuffed, which feels good. The food was incredibly tasty, and it’s clear this was a gourmet meal! The dessert pulled the entire meal together for me!



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