Public School 213
Customer Service8.9
The Good
  • Unique Menu Options
  • Great Taste
  • Fun Experience
The Bad
  • Not Good If You're On A Diet
  • Limited Parking
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Do you ever have that dream where you’re in high school or college, and it’s been four months and class is in session, and you know you’ve been skipping class?  And now, it’s time for the big test, and you know it’s possible to pass, but the reality is that it would take a ton of time studying, and then you realize that you’re so far behind that there’s no point in even trying?

Composing A Masterpiece

Public School 213 is nothing like that! It’s tasty delicious comfort food made just for you, with these amazing combinations of flavors and tastes that makes for a hearty culinary education.

Public School 213 is in the heart of Downtown LA, and it’s the sister location of the ones in West Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks.

We had a great meal that was so much more food than we could ask for. Every bite was delicious. You’ll see in the foodporn pics below the great apps, main courses and desserts.

Those Tots

The app was bacon cheddar tots with ketchup. So hearty and plump, we were kind of full by the time this course ended. We couldn’t stop eating. The pairing of some great home brewed beers accompanied. It was heaven!

Jidori Chicken - I'm In Love - and Waffles

So Good

The main course was fried chicken and waffles. Totally gourmet. Totally tasty. This was Jidori chicken with cheddar waffles in amazing bacon red-eye gravy and topped off with a fried egg. My mouth is watering thinking about this meal! My dining companion had the Irish Stout Short Ribs. The kicker on this plate was the caramelized onions. Yes!Great Chocolate Cake Dessert




Dessert!For dessert we indulged in a massive ice cream sandwich – vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate chip cookie and just a lot of goodness.

Roll me out.

They have a game room, great decorations and a totally fun vibe.


If you are into beer they have a strong beer selection and full cocktail list!

Beer Me

The drive into Downtown is spectacular, on par with the great sky lines of NYC and Chicago. So, go, enjoy and have a great time.

Education has never been this tasty!


Grab A Bite

  • Address: 612 Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • Phone: (213) 622-4500

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