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What I love about Santa Monica is how cosmopolitan it is. To see people from across the world you’ll walk The Promenade or down by Ocean Avenue and see so much.  There is food from all over the world, and people vacationing who want to fee the famed California sun on their skin. As you walk on Broadway towards the beach you owe it to yourself to checkout Stickhouse Gelato.

Today bae and I stopped by to see about all the fuss, and I have to tell you, it was amazing!

You walk in, and if there’s isn’t a line you see a huge display of gelato and sorbet popsicles.  Whoever created this concept did a great job. You choose from so many flavors of gelato on a stick, and they are so good.  There were a bunch of flavors including avocado, banana chocolate, chocolate cinnamon, pistachio, lemon, melon and blueberry.

Flavor Gala

The process is simple:

Pick it

I chose tiramisu and bae chose chocolate mint.


Dip it

They have a great selection of chocolates include, white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  Bae and I chose dark chocolate.  You know, keeping it healthy.


Top it

What’s better than tiramisu and dark chocolate? Choosing from a selection of toppings including hazelnut, pistachio, almond and coconut. I chose pistachio and bae got almonds.


Eat it

Finally, your hard work pays off.  You had many tough decisions to make, and you got the gelato or sorbet of your dreams right in front of you.

The combination of sweet tiramisu and the dark chocolate with pistachio topping was divine. The chocolate is substantial. The end result was gelato popsicle that tasted better and fresher than one of those premium Haagez Dazs bars.  For hot and sunny LA days this is a perfect place to catch a bit of international culture straight from Italy.

Stickhouse Gelato

Tiramisu Gelato Topped with Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Pistachios

Then, repeat! We tried the sorbet selection, which means we totally gorged on a second round of Stickhouse delights. I got Strawberry with milk chocolate and hazelnuts.  Bae got mango with white chocolate and almonds.  The combo with the strawberry sorbet may have been better than chocolate covered strawberries, and bae’s mango had a subdued flavor profile.

While we didn’t try it they serve a full menu of espresso drinks, including affogato, which is gelato contained in a cup filled with espresso. Awesome!

I made a Vine video about the experience:

[fts vine id=e0tj3jxthXY maxwidth=400px]

In all we were happy with our choice to spend some time at Stickhouse on a super hot LA day by the beach!


Grab A Bite

  • Address: 223 Broadway St., Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Phone: 424-744-8531

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