Black Angus

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a Black Angus. It’s been years since the one or two times I’ve been. Well, they invited me over this weekend and I have to say that the taste of the meal was fantasti...

El Torito

Mexican food is in abundance in Los Angeles. The food culture out here is great in part due to the diversity of food cultures, and the quality at which food can be found. It's one thing to have Mexican food, an...

Smoke City Market

I had a great time living in Sherman Oaks. It was at a time when I had just moved back from Manhattan, and part of the reason I moved there was to ensure I have good variety of eats to choose from. This was whe...


Everyone has a place that can do no wrong.  No amount of half way decent service can make you dislike your Soft Spot place even a little.  For me, my favorite place to grab a custom, hot, fresh and highly customized burger is Fuddruckers.