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Let’s take a trip to the Caribbean islands by way of Guyana. Guyana is in the northern part of South America bordered by Suriname, Venezuela, Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only English speaking country in South America. The food culture is heavily influenced by the Caribbean. So, when Guyanese Chef Bernard was like “yo, let’s eat some great Caribbean food” I was like, “yo, that sounds great!”

I drove to the illustrious corner of Cahuenga and Sunset, and came up on Taste of the Caribbean! It’s between Sunset and Hollywood in a stretch of Hollywood that is really coming up for some great food spots.

The experience is awesome at Taste of Caribbean LA because it feels like family in there. Everyone I spoke to was so welcoming and happy to be there, from the servers, busboy and of course Chef Bernard.

Friendly people and a good vibe indicates a great place to work, and presumably great food. From first hand experience dinner there is amazing!

We start with a great Caribbean drink called Sorrel. This is a hibiscus drink infused with cinnamon. It was exactly the sweet, juicy mix that was perfect after the work day. You can also get it with rum, which sounds super amazing!


We had three appetizers, and by the time the main course came around we were full, eating for pleasure because everything was amazing!

The first appetizer was jerk shrimp, tasty and a little spicy and great little bites.

So Good

The second appetizer was The Great Danger Dish, known as Ackee and Salt Fish. The Ackee can be poisonous if not prepared correctly. Not to worry, the dish was delish! So, if you want some excitement to your dining experience eat the Ackee with Salt Fish. The fish is fresh cod that has been salt-cured and dried until all the moisture has been extraced. In some cultures this is called Bacalao. Finally, this dish is prepared on a bed of plantains. This dish had great flavor and was so frakin’ tasty!

Great Caribbean

The third appetizer was awesome: honey garlic chicken wings. With some good ranch you have here a hearty plate that is up there with the best wings. If you love wing variety you will love these wings.

Amazing Wings

By this time we were ready to go, but the party was just getting started. We share the two main dishes, and one was better than the next.

The first was Guinness Braised Beef over mashed potatoes and asparagus. And yes, that orchid is edible. The beef almost melts on the fork because it’s so tender, and juicy! The mashed potatoes soaked up the juices from the beef, and everything was great!


Guiness Braised Beef!

The second dish, and my favorite, was the Smoke Jerk Chicken and a side of veggies and rice and beans. The plate has a hint of cinnamon and is certainly a Caribbean staple. The smokiness of this chicken is amazing. I want that jerk chicken right now! It was great!

Smoked Jerk Chicken!

I don’t know when was the last time you had Caribbean food, much less great Caribbean food, but I suggest you get yourself to Taste of the Caribbean for an amazing meal served by really laid back, friendly, and happy people, and a lot of great island music!


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  • Address: 1642 N Cahuenga Blvd
  • Phone:(323) 464-5375

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