Tasti D-Lite
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I loved the time I lived in NYC. The people are snappy. The air in Fall is crisp. The tall buildings house some of the best industry from media to banking to creative arts.  What an amazing city, and the food is no exception. Now, we have a taste of NYC in Santa Monica’s new Tasti D-Lite!

I loved this place when I lived in Manhattan, so I attended the grand opening on Saturday. It was great, with DJ Fit Girl on the turn tables and unlimited free ice cream.


So, I got right to it and had some sweets – chocolate and vanilla. One with sprinkles and the other with chocolate fudge dripped on.

Another flavor that looked great was Rice Pudding.

Along in the store is Planet Smoothie. It’s Tasti D-Lite’s sister company. I tried their strawberry smoothie. It, like their ice cream, is rich, creamy and just all around great stuff for Fall in Socal.


The pricing is different from competitors. For $4.50 you get all the ice cream or froyo you can fit into the container. For $1.50 more you get all the toppings you can fit. So, if you’re a froyo or ice cream fan then this place may be a better deal than others. That, and the froyo is amazing!


Grab A Bite

  • Address: 526 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Phone: (310) 857-6030

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