The Apple Pan
Food Taste9.2
Food Quality8.8
Customer Service9
The Good
  • The Burgers
  • The Fries
  • The Service
The Bad
  • Peak Wait Times
  • Peak Parking
8.5Overall Score
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If you live on the West Side you know of Apple Pan.  It’s a great space with a unique setup. Sit around the bar, get comfy in bright red barstools and the burger-tenders take your order.  Within minutes some of the best hamburgers and the freshest fries come pouring onto your counter-space.



Being a creature of habit I order the same meal whenever I go.  First step, figure out which -wich to order.  I go with the Hickory Burger because of it’s awesome, tangy and bright red BBQ sauce.  It’s delicious.  If you’re super hungry make it a double.  Either way, add cheese for the perfect burger.  Other options include ham sandwiches, a Steak Burger with a different sauce and a tuna melt.  Maybe it’s because I go there so often, but I see a lot of folks ordering non-hamburgers; or at least more than I’d expect.

For a European flair dip your fries in a side of mayo.  It’s not healthy, but the extra mayo and ketchup combo does taste great.

Drinks come in these old-timey cone shaped metal cups that are buoyed with a paper cone.  It’s cool.

Round out your meal with dessert.  It’s not my thing for this place, but the apple pie, pumpkin pie (in season around October) and banana cream pie are be favorites.


You’re in and out (see what I did there) in 20 minutes from the time you sit down.

But, be warned.  If you come during peak hours there’s a wait.  When you go alone it’s easier to find a seat than when you are in groups of two or more.  It’s first come, first serve, but the crowd is friendly and fair.  Parking on the street is good, but not great.  If you come during off hours it’s a better experience.



So, when you’re craving a burger check out Apple Pan.  It’s especially worth the drive if you’re in West LA.  As you get farther away from the area it’s worth the drive for a novel bite to eat, but it’s not an everyday place if the drive is too long.

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