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The art and entertainment of dining can be experienced in many ways. Eating in different countries gives you a feel for the culture, the politics and the way in which people live.

In the US there are exceptional experiences to be enjoyed in restaurants across the spectrum, from low end to high end. Specifically high and and fine dining does not automatically create a great experience. The food has to be worth the effort, as does the service, the ambiance and the overall mood of the location.

It’s been a while that I’ve sat down and experienced a fine meal, but I can tell you after eating at some of the best places in Los Angeles starting in the mid 2000’s that Via Veneto is up there with the best dining experiences I’ve had.

It was a special evening. I was invited out with foodies from Los Angeles and Long Beach to experience white truffle dinner. Being sort of new to the foodie scene it was awesome to be sitting at a table with Hadley Tomicki, Editor of UrbanDaddy, Diane from EpisodicEater a few others who I didn’t even get a chance to talk to.


What I learned is that white truffle is in season. It was also key to know that the white truffle that we ate had just arrived that morning into the restaurant, so we were eating it fresh! So much fun.

The place is beautiful. We walked up a steep set of stairs after we were inside the restaurant, and into our own private dining area overlooking the restaurant. The mood was dark, heavy and inviting. The chandeliers set the tone: high end, welcoming, friendly and substantial.

We started with white wine and immediately onto the cheese plate.

These were all truffle cheeses. I can’t tell you the variety or flavor, but it was mild, tasty truffle cheese served with honey and grapes.

The bread for the table was crisp Italian bread and fantastic.

We were served red wine from Italy. The first was a light Nebbiolo delle Langhe from Carossa. 

After about 20 minutes the next course came: beef carpaccio with truffles and a creamy white cheese.

I have one word for you on this dish: mouthfeel!

It was served with Taleggio cheese fondue and freshly shaved Alba White Truffles.

IMG_2311 2

The taste and texture of this dish was not just fantastic, it was memorable. The combination with the paper thin carpaccio was basically a creamy, fatty, truffle flavor mixed with a silky textured mouthfeel that was divine. It sort of couldn’t be any better than it was. That dish is what great food should taste like!

After slowly enjoying that dish, 20 minutes of conversation and wine drinking the next dish was served: scallop and white truffle. It was a great dish. These were Massachuset sea scallops and freshly shaved Alba White Truffle. A scallop was wrapped in truffle and in two bites it was gone, but that’s all you need.  The taste, texture and quality of the dish worked.

After some time and some more wine came the Primi: Alba White Truffle on top of home made gnocchi, and risotto made with Aquarello rice and parmesan fondue! Both were really good, and you can tell by the pictures this dish was more substantial than the Antipasti. I loved the risotto because for my tastebuds it had the right combination of saltiness and truffle flavor.


At that point we were informed that to make the wine work with the heavier Secondi entre we were to switch to a more heavy and peppery wine, Shioppettino from Petrussa. If the other wine was good, this was great. I love a wine that has some body to it, and this one was able to match the substance and measure of the main dish: the signature 160z Prime Grilled Bone In Kansas City Steak with Alba White Truffles. On the opposing side of the plate was a luscious Natural Praire Land bone-in Veal chop, porcini musrhoom and Alba White Truffle .


By this time I was eating for pleasure. Such a great meal.

As you can see I was in great foodie company. We each spent a good five minutes taking pictures of the food. Every dish deserves a photo session.

Now, two hours into the meal, and after the main course we enjoyed dessert, along with some great dessert wine.

You can see the dessert was extensive: tiramisu, variety of cookies and nutella cakes, and panna cotta! To end, we had some coffee. I had a great cappuccino.

Great meal, and great company. Two key elements to a great night!

So, if you want to indulge and eat a meal that’s designed to be enjoyed you should definitely be eating at Via Veneto!

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