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Inspiration comes in many forms. It’s the people we meet, the places we go, the emotions we feel and the insights we find. Inspiration is a way of looking at the world that maybe didn’t exist for you just moments ago. It’s an experience that lets one connect to the whole – our friends, our family, our community, our generational cohorts, even the whole of mankind, maybe even the whole of the universe – with greater ease, more love and maybe a little bit of empathy.

For the last three years I’ve been privileged to attend Vidcon, the most amazing event. It’s a mix of Tiger Beat, Saved By The Bell, MTV and Michael Jackson in his prime. Vidcon is a gathering of content creators of all constitutions and genres, across all platforms and screens. These are YouTubers, Viners, Instagramers, Snapchatters, Periscoper’s and people creating content for YouNow,, Twitter and Facebook. It’s their fans, many excited screaming 7-14 year olds, more girls than boys. It’s the businesses that facilitate this ecosystem: YouTube, FullScreen, Maker, Machinima, Awesomeness.TV, Rooster Teeth, Canon, Famebit, TubeFilter, Jukin Media, UTA, William Morris, Defy and Broadband TV. It’s the businesses that serve this ecosystem with peripheral services, like SpreadShirt, that let these creators monetize their fame with custom T-Shirts. It’s the consultants, ad agency executives, talent agents, brands partners and their executives who fill the Anaheim Convention Center annually, for 7 years now, and the panels, photo-ops, brand activations, video games, picture opportunities, pre-parties, afterparties, creator lounges, VIP passes and super VIP networking events. This event lets us celebrate, facilitate and inspire creators – you and me. Creators are entrepreneurs, chefs, artists, content makers, filmmakers, bloggers, website designers, inventors, even those that are in venture funding.

Vidcon inspires me to write this blog post, to look for content ideas with really talented friends. In fact, the Vidcon from 2014 is directly connected to the Dudeletseat, and its variety of existences across social media. Vidcon is the reason why I decided to explore my passion for photography and food, for video and for blogging. It’s a personal endeavor, and a professional one. Like Vidcon, Dudeletseat is an aspiration to be better tomorrow than I am today, to hone my artistry, to have full self expression, to make an impact, to create a smile, and to inspire others. It’s fun, happiness, excitement and opportunity; love and joy and connection. Connection.

We all have access to a portable recording studio inclusive of microphone, video camera, content distribution through social platforms, and of course an editing suite. We can all be content creators, and so I am here creating because this is so much fun for me. It’s so cool to be connected to such immensely talented people. I mean real talent. The ones who are the next movie mogul executives, video creators, orators, editors, entertainment personalities, business executives and idea people.

So, as one does when he is in the midst of a party, he takes pictures of food. I had access to the Industry Track, got into the YouTube party, and I ate lots of good food. Here it is!

On Wednesday night I attended the TubeFilter pre-party, where, of course, there was a lot of no-chill fun (what does that even mean? I hear the kids say it). The gentleman in the selfie with me is Calvin Lee – Twitter creator with 100k followers. Check out his food, photography and professional work here:



On Thursday Vidcon started! The Marriott Industry Lounge had some great sugar cookies. The YouTube Lounge started off with some great breakfast, including yogurt parfait. I opted for coffee, knowing that cookies and cakes were on the way!


Sugar Cookies


I milled around listening to panels about hacking Facebook for organic reach. Did you know that on Facebook your pictures will get better reach to your fans if it’s taken on a mobile phone, and even better reach if its taken in the square setting?



As the day wound down there was lots of networking going on! And eating. Definitely eating. I stopped at the awesome YouTube party where I met a few of my favorite creators! Check out my Vine channel for updates to see what we created.



Know what’s fun for me? This silly little Vine video. You’ll see the first frame is Alyssia from Mind Over Munch. Alyssia is awesome and makes great videos with super great recipes:




This was all day one (and the pre-party evening before) of Vidcon! More to come for days 2 and 3! If you aren’t attending you can watch the live stream here: 


Days 2 and 3

Where do we begin. Day 1 was a blast, and Day 2 was amazing. It turns out if you hang by the Vine display at the Vidcon floor a lot of really cook Viners come around. I totally got hooked up with some of my faves! At a panel about content creation on Level 2, the Creators Track, I sat in on a panel featuring my absolute favorite Vine person, and now YouTube personality, Liza Koshy, the little brown girl. That’s her tag. Seeing her in the panel talk about her creation process was amazing because who she is in her videos is who she is in real life. When asked if she does collabs, she said, no, she collaborates with herself. Watch her videos and you’ll see how true that is.  Her channel is:

Ok five minutes later, her makeup video is hilarious. Spoiler, she loses her eyebrows three times. How does that even happen?

Hang out at the Vine booth I totally got hooked up with Chloe LMAO, Mikeala Long, Uldouz, and the executive at Vine – John – who manages the food channel. When I went to introduce myself he said the most amazing thing: I know you, you’re Dudeletseat! You just posted earlier today! I was speechless.

In the pics below you see Chloe LMAO, JoshDarnit, Josh Kennedy and What’s Trending’s Shira Lazar.



YouTube threw a great Expo party, with a fry bar and all types of sides – chili, parmesan cheese, cheddar, chives, ketchup, ranch! Awesome! The exec list was off the hook with important marketing, advertising, agent and other business folks from big ad agencies and companies from the video ecosystem.

I spoke to Thomas Sanders. Did you know he aspires to be on broadway! You can see it in his Vines, the guy knows how to sing, and he’s super cool, very down to Earth, and incredibly friendly!

Nickelodeon had a Legends of the Temple of Doom virtual reality experience. That VR stuff is literally mind boggling. Where did my legs go?

Taco Bell activated an awesome experience. We were allowed to create Snapchat filters targeting a 20,000 square foot space with our own custom designs. My BAE is getting a little surprise on Snapchat in July.

Below you see Kevin Winston, head of the LA media, entertainment and technology trade group – Digital LA, and creator of Silicon Beach Fest.




Towards the end of Friday I saw a great panel with top Vine talent including Lele Pons, Zach King and Thomas Sanders. Lele is just out of high school, and she commented that her favorite Vines are the ones where she pulled her friends out of class, sometimes during finals, to run into the bathroom to execute a stunt for Vine, you know, real quick. As you do while you’re taking finals. Even her teachers wanted to get into the act!





On Saturday I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Mashable Snapchat meetup where a contingent of Periscope creators showed up including Alex Khan, Alex Pettitt and Amrit Singh. I told Alex that my mom informed me that Alex and Amanda Oleander are walking around the Vidcon floor, and that I should look out for them, and Alex was so cool to actually call my mom and say hi. My mom is amazing. She is on top of Periscope. In fact, she wanted to know how Snapchat works, and I told her that I’m barely getting the hang of it. Amazing.



The final ride of the day came watching Alyssia from Mind Over Munch talk at the Health Living panel!



To cap off the night I met with my friend Anthony, an accomplished editor for a variety of reality TV shows, music producer and overall really talented guy. We threw around some ideas for web series, so you may be seeing Dudeletseat on YouTube soon!



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